Queue Management System

The Concept

Queue Management System is an enterprise solution specially designed to organize and manage the customer flow in the service area. Developed for organizations committed to obtain the best results in terms of efficiency, customer experience and service quality. Our system not only allows for a more effective customer service, but it analyses daily customer service transactions for an improved company performance. This is achieved through the advanced technology of reporting functions (KPI) at both localized and centralized level.


     Manages the customer flow reducing overall service costs.

     Monitors the performance of the staff in real-time.

     Measures the branch service level from any location.

     Reduces customer waiting time by 20% and increases loyalty by 15 %.

     Provides personalized customer experience.

     Builds a customer centric organization.


Features and Parts

     Dual-Printer for continuous ticket dispensing.

     Highly responsive capacitive LCD touch screen.

     Card and Barcode Reader (Optional).

     LED Light Indicator in ticket and card reader slots.

     Integration with third party applications and data base (Optional).

     Resistant Powder Coated Steel Enclosure.

     Easy and centralized ticket conguration and screen template design.

     Content Scheduling.

     Unlimited branding options.

     Wifi (Optional).

     Unlimited branding options.


     More opportunities to create cross-channel experiences.

     Integration with the existing tools and platforms like Mobile Banking.

     Personalized and targeted messages for users.

     Better use of resources and physical space assigned to waiting areas.


     Adjustable Number of Display Lines(From 1 to 5).

     Red, Green and Amber colors.

     Hight Resolution dots.


     Multilingual Characters.

     Four Characters Ticket Denomination.

     Customized Message during Idle-Time.

     Wireless (Optional).

     White Digits (Optional).


     Stand alone unit (desktop PC is not required).


     Customer Information Integration (Optional).

     Customizable Theme of Interface.

     Works with Thin-Client Architecture.

     Next, Repeat, Random Call, Local Wait, No Show, Auto-Next.

     Sub-Categories Selection.

     User, Category and Counter Transfer.


     Unlimited Branding Options.

     Unlimited Customization of Templates for Feedback Questionnaire.

     Idle Time Promotional Videos.

     Targeted Messages integration with CRM or Database (Optional).

     Real Time Dashboard and Historical Reports.

     Wireless compatibility.

     Webased Central Configuration & Content Management.


     highly responsive capacitive LCD touch screen.

     Can be integrated with our Queue Management System.


     Chime and/or Voice announcement.

     English, Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic, Hindi/Urdu (Other Languages Optional).


     Industrial Grade Linux Based Server.

     Local Configuration and Database of the branch.

     In-Built Audio Amplifier.


     Real-Time Monitoring Dashboards.

     Over 50 Historical Reports.

     Central Configuration and Management of the System.

     Multilingual (English, Spanish, French, Arabic, (Other Languages Optional).