IT Security


Hackers. Viruses. Disgruntled employees. Unfortunately, these are the realities of today's network security environment. At Quantum, we help your IT department analyze its network security needs and develop a security policy based on your business objectives. We'll help you plan the appropriate countermeasures to any incident, and then automate their execution, to reduce remediation time to an absolute minimum. Ideally, by the time you've been apprised of a security breach, the system has already implemented its defenses and protected your company's vital data.


     Security audit. We test your network for vulnerabilities by attempting to penetrate it. We also look for signs of previous intrusions of which you may not even be aware.

     Identity services. These services help to identify users and control and monitor their activities and transactions on the network. Services include identity management, single log-on,             passwords, digital certificates, and digital authentication keys.

     Secure remote access. Accommodating remote users adds to the complexity of the network security challenge, but with the enterprise increasingly distributed, providing secure             remote access is certain to be a top priority and help you accomplish this by using tools such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems and VPN solutions to secure connectivity and             perimeter security, and enable secure connections.

     Virus control. The unfortunate byproducts of creative-yet-malicious minds, viruses and worms can't be prevented, but with proper planning, their damage can be contained.

     Immediate remediation. If you are under attack or believe you have any active security breach, Quantum will immediately go into action to isolate and contain the threat, assess the             ;damage, and design and automate countermeasures to prevent recurrences.

     Perimeter and packet firewalls.

     Server-managed anti-malware protection.

     Spam filtering.


Cybercrime threatens productivity, business continuity and client experience at the same time as damaging your organisation's reputation and endangering compliance with many industry regulations. Integrated network security systems are essential for business continuity and building trust. Our security services enable you to discover vulnerabilities, meet regulations and defend your system from internal and external attacks.


     Business operations.





     Policy creation and implementation.

     Quantum security offerings.



     Virtual Private Networks (VPN's).

     Network Admission Control (NAC ).

     Remote Access and Authentication (RAS ).

     Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

     Threat and vulnerability management.

     Server load balancing.

     Intrusion protection and detection systems.

     Email and web security.