Looking for a cost effecting outsourcing partner? We offer outsourcing services in wide variety of IT functions including but not limited to help desk, remote support, escalation technical support. Our outsourcing services offer both on shore and off shore services depending on your preferences and budget.

Quantum Inc., providing Outsourcing solutions through onsite management organizations. Our experience in outsourcing varies from strategic thinking, project management, business analysis and developing integrated service models suitable for any complex environment to ensure that the services are provided efficiently, professionally and within the service levels. The unique breadth of our outsourcing portfolio extends not just to technology, but also to internationally recognized process standards as a part of adopting the ITIL best practices.

Quantum Inc., offers a comprehensive Outsourcing Services portfolio that features a range of innovative offerings. Our services simplify the management of IT and facilitate the ongoing alignment of IT with the overall business strategy of any organization.


Quantum Inc.,'s Outsourcing Services Division has an internationally recognized and qualified management system in place, and that our services and systems have been organized to conform to the ITIL international standard for IT service management. In addition to our investment in processes and procedures, we have continually invested in our employees. Quantum's outsourcing division is now counting more than 250 consultants, engineers and technicians who are certified in the different areas of the IT arena: ITIL, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Sun, BMC, IBM, HP, Dell, etc…

Why Outsourcing

With the increased dependence on technology, organizations depend on IT services to meet their core business objectives. By outsourcing these IT services, organizations are able to concentrate on their core business while we take care of their IT needs.


     Lack of technical expertise.

     Flexible manpower utilization.

     Availability of trained IT staff.

     Control of costs and cost efficiency.

     Mutually agreed Service Levels that can be measured.

     Development risk minimization.

Quantum outsourcing offerings

Our objective is to work behind the scenes to help you achieve your business goals by delivering services that simplify and streamline your IT environment for operational excellence.Our Service Offerings have been carefully designed to complement your Service offerings to deliver the highest level of service to our clients.


     Helpdesk Services.

     Desktop Services.

     Microsoft Services.

     Network Infrastructure Services.

     Application Development Services.

     Asset Management Services.

Solution Benefits

Based on our long service experience and our knowledge of the local market requirements, Quantum Inc. has successfully formulated and implemented a number of IT services to help you deliver a predictable, well-defined IT service that is in-tune with the business requirements.


     Outstanding service performance.

     Increased Productivity of Users.

     Reduced burden of IT Administration.

     Less downtime.

     Cost-effectiveness – Clients can focus resources on higher value activities.

     Proactive IT Services Support.

     Integrated approach to IT Service Management.